The Village of Eagle Nest, NM

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Henry the Hawk:
Perches in Einstien's Yard by the Lake
Frequently kills a prairie dog but ends up sharing with the ravens.
Photo Art by Bruce Mayfield

Example of Downloadable PDF Documents:

This could be a listing of your entire PDF forms library.

New: National Archives Newsletter - Banning DVD discs for Archive Purposes

News: Touch-me-not PDF and Download

End Downloadable Documents

If the objective is to allow a person to "word fill" a PDF document there are now a number of "internet apps" that allow them to do that like:

PDF Escape



Adobe Acrobat (PDF tools)

These are the first few "fill-able PDF" apps I happen to pull up on the internet. To embed PDF submissions in a CMS would not be advisable -- at this stage -- as having a person -- "e-mail" a form to you -- creates a more reliable "audit trail" -- for them, for you, and for legal purposes.


I have a very sophisticated "form generator", that creates "interactive forms" - where data submissions are "e-mailed" or "save to a SQL database.

There are also many "on-line" generators -- available to YOU -- if you wish to be in that business.

See my "movie film order form" -- designed for mobile phones.
Sample of Interactive Form for Cell Phone