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The Eagle Nest Tornado, like a dragon, rises it's head -- as if poised to pose a divine question -- much like God questioned Job -- from the " whirlwind " : In Job Chapter 38

Eagle Nest Tornado AKA Dragon of the Lake

Eagle Nest Tornado
AKA Eagle "Loch" Nest Lake Dragon

Eagle Nest Lake "Fake " Tornado
Soon to be known as (I will prove)
The Eagle "Loch" Nest Lake "Dragon"

Despite having access to the footage below, all three TV stations in Albuquerque reported the Eagle Nest Tornado as a " dirt devil".

On the other hand, Forbes, declared the Eagle Nest Tornado as a rare, historical event --
Rare Mountain Tornado Touches Down And Tears It Up In New Mexico

The short clip below shows the "real news" -- uncensored -- your decide for yourself.

Dragon video - 46 sec

Twister becomes "The Dragon"

46 Seconds of Other-Worldly Terror

HIde D-Tail

Einstein and I offer photographic proof -- if you use your imagination -- that

The Eagle Nest Lake Tornado was in fact
the not so famous
The Eagle " Loch " Nest Lake Dragon!

Yes, "loch" and "lake" mean the same thing, but dog's don't know that; so, I just go with the flow.

I show photos of the legendary Eagle "Loch" Nest Lake Dragon -- "rising from the lake" in the expandable link below.

Earliest photos of the Eagle " Loch " Nest Lake Dragon, go back to the 1930's -- and thus point to the Eagle Nest Dam itself -- as being the Dragon's lair.

Photos of Eagle 'Loch' Nest Lake Dragon

Historical and Recent Photos of
Eagle " Loch " Nest Lake Dragon

As you can see below, people have been taking pictures of what I call, The Eagle "Loch" Nest Dragon -- for a long, long time. If it is not "legendary", it should be, and, it may well be -- after I prove it has been here -- as long as the lake has been here.

The "dragon" has been in Eagle Nest Lake -- since the first fall -- after the Eagle Nest Lake Dam started filling. That's because the "dragon" forms when the cooler air of fall pulls the warmer water vapor from the body of the lake -- to form multi-shaped fog formations -- which then lifts into the sky as clouds. This phenomena repeats itself -- until the lake freezes solid --between around Christmas to New Year's Day.

The following picture, by Burton Frazer, who also took pictures of the dam being built, is my scientific proof that the "dragon" has been here since at least 1935.

As you can see -- at least me and most kids can see -- the photo shows the "head" of the "dragon", a "nose", and, yes, a "mouth". Also, obvious-- to even the most causal observer -- is it's many legs touching the water; and, last, but not least, there is the spinal plates -- atop the back of the beast.

If you still cannot see the "dragon', you probably have advanced psychological problems with Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and break dancing.

Eagle "Loch" Nest Lake Dragon -- 1935
Photo: 1935 by Burton Frazer, Sr.: Frasher Foto Postcard Collection.
Photo for educational and historical reference only; And not for sale.
Ref: Pomona Public Library

My photo, below, shows one of the most scientific photos ever taken of the "dragon". Nonbelievers have accused me of taking creative liberties with this photo, but those of us who live here... know the truth -- seeing "the dragon rising" every fall morning. Locals all know and believe anything Einstein says; and they also know I would never "doctor" a photo -- of such scientific importance!

Eagle " Lock " Nest Lake Dragon -- in morning light
by Bruce Mayfield

Below is an example of the "dragon" first rising from its watery underworld of the imagination. See the well defined spinal plates developing over the "loch" -- for anyone who dares rise early -- to see.

Eagle "Lock" Nest Lake Dragon -- with "dear" does at sunrise
By Bruce Mayfield

So, as you can see, or not, my final proof follows:

The dragon came down from the sky and disappeared into the lake (see end of 11 minute video.

I therefore argue, with photo evidence, that the "tornado" and "the dragon" are one and the same.

Eagle Nest Lake is a magical place; as any one at Eagle Nest Elementary School -- and Einstein -- and I -- can tell you!

And that's the Truth!

Hide D-tail

According to Einstein, the "dragon"

  1. started out as a "twister",
  2. terrorized Eagle Nest
  3. turn into a "water spout" and
  4. "disappear into the lake"
  5. as suddenly as it appeared!

As you watch (or fast forward) to the 11 minute video below, you will see for yourself what Einstein says is true.

Bottom line, everyone MUST agree, Eagle Nest Lake is a "magical" place!

And yes, Einstein and I both believe -- "the tornado" and "the dragon" -- are one and the same!

OK, Einstein does admits there is some "waggle room" in this " tail " (dog's can't spell) , but he still gives it two paws up -- as" Dragon of the Lake" legends go. At the very least, our " tail", comes in second place to Forbs, makes a much better story -- than just a "dirt devil".

Entire Tornado and Water Spout - 11 mins
See the entire storm -- including water spout!

1080P Video (above): 11 Minutes of historical footage.

Hide D-Tail

Dragon Damage

Photos of Dragon Damage

Eagle Nest, NM -- altitude 8,000 feet -- had it's second tornado in recorded history.

The " fake tornado " went west to east through a large mountain meadow, demolished a snow fence, sucked metal post out of the ground, demolished a metal storage shed -- sandwiching barbed wire with sheet metal -- and, finally, over-turned an RV and twisted a steel picnic canopy. Thankfully, no one was killed.

The " fake tornado " then went out over the lake -- to develop into a " water spout " -- which unexpectedly traveled -- south to north -- the length of the lake. The " fake tornado " miraculously dissipated -- just before it came ashore -- as if it came to rest upon the waters.

It was then that I realized this " fake tornado " was actually none other than -- the Eagle " Lock " Nest Lake Dragon -- which I have photographed many times.

Overturned RV and Twisted Metal Canopy.
Try telling this guy, " It was just a " dirt devil " !

Canoe: Reportedly wrapped around a pole. Now used as a business sign.

What's left of missing, demolished sheet-metal shed. Some contents were found al most a mile away!
(note the bent metal posts in foreground).

Twisted sheet-metal from shed down the road.

Sheet-metal sandwiched around barbed wire. Imagine the force required to do that!

More twisted sheet-metal in a fence down the road.

Snow fence piled in heap -- I guess about 300 yds worth.

Metal posts from the snow fence pulled out of ground and piled together -- on " the other side " of the highway.

HIde-n-See D-Tail: Dragon Damage

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